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What is Whytestone? And Why It's So Amazing

  • Jul 11, 2016
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Ground Stone Minerals + Luxury Pigments + Sheer Awesomeness = WhytestoneTM

Whytestone is as durable as it is beautiful. Every creation from Whyte & Company manufacturing floor starts with developing the perfect Whytestone blend for that particular color and product. What makes it unique is the highest quality pigments that permeate throughout our proprietary substrate, which is a blend of stone minerals and resin, which makes our products both colorfast throughout and durable as a marble or granite.

Why it’s Awesome: The Color Goes Through the Product

Color, color, color…through and through! Unlike materials like ceramics, which merely coat a product with a painted color, Whytestone carries the color in every drop poured into the handmade mold that makes your sink or countertop. Scratch a colored ceramic or cast iron piece and you’re in trouble but with Whytestone scratches merely sand away with a few swipes. We’ve taken your design options to another level with more than 30 colors that give your space a new dimension of cool you haven’t been able to produce before.

Sexy and Strong: Whytestone Is the Best of Both Worlds

Soft - Due to the quality of the Whytestone material it’s non-porous and easy-to-clean surface make it soft to the touch
Beautiful - Ground stone minerals suspended in resilient resin give it a brilliant, luxurious matte finish
Clean Living - High tech resins hold the ground stone minerals in a tight, non-porous suspension making it both bacteria and stain resistant
It Can Take a Beating - Color fast with exposure to everyday house hold chemicals and heat resistant to 365oF, Whytestone-based products stay looking fresh through years of daily abuse...we mean "use"